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Automated Ad Optimization

Increase productivity by cutting down on manual processes - automatically optimize your ad campaigns. AI system will fine-tune the suitable campaigns to ensure you will get the best number of conversions.


Anti Adblock Technology

We use Anti Adblock technology to ensure publishers have up to 98% fill rates, which help get maximum profit from customers visiting their website.


Self-service platform

Explore the incredibly powerful and easy-to-use self-service platform, simplified ad builder, and real-time in-depth reporting to track your success.

About us

Hitcash Network is a leading digital advertising agency. We provide performance-based solutions to advertisers and media partners around the world.

Hitcash provides publishers with a steady revenue, reliable technology, excellent account management and, most importantly, a positive user experience.

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  • 16 900+ Active Campaigns
  • 18k+ Active Publishers
  • 246 GEOs

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We combine the latest ad technology and industry know-how to deliver the best results for you.

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